Brendan Dykes

About Brendan Dykes

Brendan has over 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, in both business and technical roles. This broad experience has allowed him to see first-hand the importance for both customers and organizations of delivering consistent omnichannel customer experiences. Brendan has both graduate and post graduate qualifications in Business Management from Bristol Business School. He has been with Genesys since 2007, before which he worked in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Chris Connolly

About Chris Connolly

As VP of Product Marketing, Chris leads the global team responsible for defining and promoting software technologies is responsible for galvanizing development efforts to keep Genesys ahead of the technology curve in the areas of emerging AI, Sales and Marketing and Workforce Engagement Management

Beate Christen-Kaube

About Beate Christen-Kaube

Marketing und Kommunikation im Bereich Hightech, Software und Unternehmens-Beratung sind das Metier von Beate Christen-Kaube. Von der Marken-Etablierung von Startups über die Neupositionierung eher traditioneller IT-Unternehmen bis zu PR-Arbeit, Eventmanagement und Marketing-Automatisierung hat sie in über 20 Jahren umfassend Berufserfahrung auf diesem Gebiet gesammelt. Seit der Verfügbarkeit von Social Media widmet sich die Diplom Soziologin und Expertin für Massenkommunikation mit zunehmender Begeisterung auch diesem Thema. Bei Genesys verantwortet sie das Marketing für die deutsprachigen Länder und hat hier ihr Faible für neuste Trends im Kundenservice entdeckt.

Liz Weida

About Liz Weida

Liz Weida is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Genesys. Liz joined Genesys through the Interactive Intelligence acquisition, where she held roles in Product Marketing, Solutions Engineering and Enterprise Sales. A true digital native, she started her career in Marketing with startups and creative agencies at a time when digital began to transform and disrupt the consumer market. Liz primarily works on strategic positioning for PureCloud by Genesys.

About Kellsey Lequick

Kellsey Lequick is a product marketing manager at Genesys. With a jack-of-all-trades background in digital marketing and a love for thoughtfully designed interfaces and experiences, Kellsey is always exploring new ways brands can delight customers and win business.